* Preparing the Fire*


Place a flat piece of dried cow dung at the bottom of the copper pyramid.

Arrange pieces of dried cow dung, which have been coated with ghee in the pyramid in such a manner as that allow air to pass.Apply a little ghee on the small piece of cow dung and light it. Insert this lighted piece of cow dung in the pyramid. Soon all the dung in the pyramid will catch fire.You may use a hand fan to help the flame. However, do not blow through the mouth to avoid bacteria from the mouth getting into the fire.Do not use any mineral oil or similar material to start the fire.At the exact time of sunrise and sunset when the offerings are made the fire should be fully ablaze in the pyramid.



* Agnihotra Process *


Take a few grains of rice in a dish or your left palm and apply a few drops of ghee.

Exactly at sunrise utter the first Mantra and after the word SWAHA add a few grains of rice from your right hand (as little as you can hold in the pinch of your fingers will be sufficient) in the fire.

Utter the second Mantra and after the word SWAHA add a few grains of rice from the right hand in the fire.

At sunset do the same by using evening Mantras.Agnihotra Mantras are to be recited only once and only two offerings given at each Agnihotra performance.If you miss the timing it is not Agnihotra and you will not get the healing effect on the atmosphere or in the ash. After each Agnihotra tries to spare as many minutes as you can for meditation. You can sit quietly at least till the fire extinguishes itself. Agnihotra creates a medicinal and healing atmosphere.If possible the Agnihotra pyramid and the energy resulting from the Agnihotra process is best left undisturbed until the next Agnihotra time.

Just before the next Agnihotra you can empty the ash using your right hand and store it in a bag, box, glass jar or clay pot. The ash from the Agnihotra fire is extremely medicinal. It can be ingested daily. Several ash medicines have been developed in Germany. The ash is also a powerful fertilizer for the garden or farm and beneficial in any water source to purify the water.


* Agnihotra material required *


1 Copper Havan kund with stand

2 Copper spoon, plate and tongs.

3 unbroken raw rice

4 Desi cows ghee

5 candle and matchbox

6 small clock with seconds


The raw rice ,unbroken unpolished rice is required , because if the rice is broken the chemical analysis of both the parts may be the same but the subtle energy structure around it is disturbed and it is not fit for the purpose of healing


* Agnihotra Mantras *


During Agni Pratistapan


1 Om Maha Jwalaya Vidmahe Agnijwalaya Dhimahi Tanno Agni Prachodahayaath.

2 Vaishwanaraaya vidmahe lalilaya Dhimahi Tanno Agni




Then while adding ghee 3 times, chant at the time of Swaha.( While u get a good fire)

Bhu swahaa, Agnaye Idam Namama,

Bhuwah swahaa, Vayavye Idam Namama, Swa Swahaa Suryaye Idam Namama, Bhur Bhuvaswah  Swahaa Prajapatataye Idam Namama.


Ahuthi twice only. Make two portions of unbroken raw rice mixed with desi ghee.

At sunrise….

  1. Suryaya swaha Suryaya Idam Namama.
  2. Prajapatataye Swaha Prajapatataye Idam Namama.

At sunset……

Same procedure Agni Pratistapan and Ghee offering mantra Bhu Swahaa…….

Ahuthi mantra

  1. Agnaaye Swahaa Agnaaye Idam Namama.
  2. Prajapatataye Swaha Prajapatataye Idam Namama.


* Agnihotra Ash ointment *

Internal intake swallow,  external on skin, tooth with salt, gums, bath, wounds, plants rivers well etc. Elaborate

Seive on tissue, fill in a glass bottle, natural material, wood copper.

Mix one part Ash powder with 9 parts Desi ghee with weighing balance.

Or one is to two spoons.



* Agnihotra biochemical Process *


when the first rays of the sun touch the earth,  it consists of several types of electricity and subtle energies they come in the shape of a pyramid at sunrise and also their withdrawn in the shape of the pyramid at sunset. this is how the ancient Seers describe it also it is used for the purpose of healing the atmosphere, nutrition to the plants, remove disease in an area, it has a wonderful effect on pathogenic bacteria, to remove stress and burden on the mind in just couple of weeks of practice.


As the atmosphere, the Prana, and the mind are interconnected.  any change induced in the atmosphere through this ancient process prescribed by Ayurveda in the Vedas,  a beneficial change happens and immediately the effect is transposed to the mind,  the modus oparandi,  so then nexus is the Prana.  the Prana is vital energy that pulsates to through us and connects us with the Cosmos. so the atmosphere, the Prana and the mind there is a link so you will see that just in few days the stress from the mind disappears and unconditional love appears gradually with the practice,  when that happens all external world efforts become Minimal, we lead a happy and healthy life  just by the simple yagya process daily.


Plants grow wonderfully without the need of much fertilizer,  diseases go away. Some people have  brought  potted plants from the  lab certified as sick and diseased  kept center of 21


days of performing the agnihotra,  have observed that they become  normal and the disease has just disappeared


Agnihotra process clears radiation and removes negative energies in the atmosphere. The chemical pollution these days is bothering us but more than that is the subtle pollutions of the mind, thoughts and emotions.


Agnihotra addresses us holistically, it heals not only the physical pollution but also the metaphysical pollution in the environment, when we are born we are born with our environment, and when we die we carry back our environment with us, while  we are all living in an own private world together we are co-creating  emotions relationships actions and reactions and leaving some impact which might be  right or wrong on the world


Agnihotra has an immediate and direct effect on the process of thoughts,  feeling and will of action,   thoughts are created under impact of our own circumstances


Agnihotra shifts our own thinking process  in the direction of love-based action

If performed on a mass global level, it helps in making the world a better place, can mitigate adverse climatic changes

, helps people in  drug de-addiction in self-motivation


As the sun touches the earth surface during agnihotra,   the plants  pass through a carpet of Nutrition


In Amazon  the farmers use this therapies with home and farms to grow and multiply the production of the crops .


Swadeshi dried cow dung which is used is extremely medicinal , mainly as it is comes from the  Indian cows / the indigenous cows which has a hump with Suryakheti naadi


In Scandinavia this cow dung is used as a treatment for tuberculosis and the patient who was asked to stay in a cowshed got healed , thats the value of the cows breath and the cow dung


A German scientist devoted to agnihotri in kenya did research on a person with mental disorders and kept him  in a hut, all that they did is to burn the cow dung and within a week he got alright ,  that is the power of how it works on nervous system and how effective it is.


Even today in villages they wipe the entrance house or the verendah,  coat the walls with the cow dung and so is at such houses we will find that there is no bp and diabetes .